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Below is a list of current and upcoming JHU courses affiliated with Inheritance Baltimore.

Fall 2021

  • History Research Lab: Black Digital History, 100.450, Jessica Marie Johnson
  • First Year Seminar: Antiracism 101, 362.102, Stuart Schrader

Spring 2022

Theme: Researching the Africana Archives

  • Proseminar: Teaching with Collections, Jennifer Kingsley
  • Malcolm and Martin: An Introduction to the Lives and Thought of Two Icons of the Black Freedom Struggle, Lawrence Jackson

Theme: Arts and Social Justice

  • Arts and Social Justice, Kali-Ahset Amen & Lawrence Jackson             
  • Encountering American Art at the Baltimore Museum of Arts, Jennifer Kingsley

Theme: Applied Research with Community-based Organizations

  • Excavating Mount Auburn Cemetery History, Gabrielle Dean
  • Oral History Methods, Joseph Plaster
This is an image of a poster listing the Inheritance Baltimore courses shown above. Inheritance Baltimore is a reparations program for Humanities education and Arts-based public engagement in Black Baltimore. This initiative asks "Can the humanities enhance social justice?"
Inheritance Baltimore Course Listings AY21-22